AAI Manager IT Sample Papers

Airport Authority of India conducts entrance test to recruit the candidates for various posts to fill the number of vacancies. Among various posts of AAI, Manager (Information Technology) is one of them. The question paper consists of 2 parts
·        First paper consists of general English and reasoning for 60 questions
·        Second part of paper consists of Technical for 60 questions.
Paper-I General English and Reasoning
1.      Which Country Uses the Wind Energy more?
      (a)Canada                                  (b) Holland
      (c) France                                   (d) Italy
     2.   What is called river Ganga in Bangladesh?
            (a) Bhagirathi                            (b) Padma
            (c)Nubro                                    (d) Ganga
     3.   Which Scientist won Nobel Prize twice?
           (a) Marie Curie                          (b) Seamus Heaney
           (c) Hans Fischer                         (d) Thomas Mann
    4.   Goldman Awards are given for
           (a) Sport                                     (b) Protection for Environment
           (c) Health                                   (d) Literature
     5.   Chinaman is used for which sport?
          (a)  Bridge                                   (b) Chess
          (c) Cricket                                   (d) Badminton
English Section
 Synonyms (4)
 22)   Insinuate
           (a) Withhold                           (b) Imply
           (c)_________                        (d) _______
23)   Musty
           (a) Stale                                   (b) dry
           (c)__________                       (d) _____________
Part-II Technical Section
 1.   RISC Processor is Collection of
                 (a)Kernel                                    (b) Firm Wares
    (c) System Softwares                 (d) ____________
2.  Operating System is a
                 (a)  Set of Hardware                  (b) Set of Application Programs
                 (c) Set of System Software       (d) ____________
3.   Which one is Ethernet?
                 (a) 802.1                                     (b) 802.3
                 (c) 802.5                                     (d) 802.11a
4.   802.11a is a
                 (a) __________                         (b) Token Bus
                 (c) Ethernet                                (d) Token Ring
5.  Most Technical questions were related to
                 (a) Operating System                 (b) Networking

                 (c) Very Few Questions Based on Programming Language    (d) Database


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