AAI Manager Information Technology Syllabus

AAI stands as Airport Authority of India conducts various entrance tests to select candidates. Candidates must have completed their degree in B.SC, Btech, MCA, CA, MBA and law students can apply for this post.
Operating System
It consists of deadlock, threads, inter-process communication, parallel processing and CPU scheduling, I/O systems, File system, memory management and virtual memory, secondary storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Concurrency, Storage area Network (SAN),RAID, Paging, Synchronization.
Programming and Data Structure
Programming in C and C++ it consists of pointers and concepts of object Oriented Programming,arrays,stacks,functions,parameter passing, scope, binding, linked lists,Trees,Binary search trees,abstract data types, Recursion, Binary heaps.
Asymptotic, Worst and average case analysis, Analysis, Notions of space and time complexity, design consists of greedy approach, dynamic programming, divide and conquer: Connected components, Tree and graph traversals, Spanning trees, Shortest paths:Sorting,Hashing,searching. Upper and Lower bounds, P, NP, NP-Hard, NP-complete, Asymptotic analysis of time and space.
Information Systems and Software Engineering
Input and output design, planning and managing the project,design,testing,coding.Information gathering requirement and feasibility analysis, process specifications, data flow diagrams, implementation process, life cycle maintenance.
Digital Logic
Number representation and computer arithmetic, Logic functions, Design and synthesis of computational and sequential circuits, Minimization.
Query languages (SQL), ER-model, Database design (integrity constraints, normalization), Relational model (it consists of tuple calculus, relational algebra),File structures (indexing, B and  B+ trees, sequential files),Instance Creation, Transactions and concurrency control,Segmentation,Pivot Tables in Oracle.
Computer Organization and Architecture

ALU and data-path, Cache and main memory, BIOS, Machine instructions and addressing modes,CPU Control design, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode), Organization of data in secondary storage, Instruction pipelining. 


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