AAI Sample Question Papers for Junior Executive

Did you apply for junior executive posts in Airport authority of India? Here, some sample papers that help for your exam preparation. You may get many sample and previous year question papers through online but do not depend completely on them. These papers are for reference.
AAI Sample Questions are
  1. In a communication system, noise is most likely affect the signal.
(a)In the channel                                      (b) at the transmitter
(c) At the destination                               (d) in the information source
      2.  waveguide are generally  made of
             (a) Bronze                                                  (b) aluminum
             (c)  None of these                                     (d) both (a) and (b)
       3.  Given BCD number 1001 0011, its decimal equivalent is
              (a) 39                                                          (b) 147
              (c) 143                                                         (d) 93
        4.  Broadband Long Distance communications are originally made possible by the advent of
               (a) HF radio                                                (b) telegraph cables
               (c) Geostationary satellites                        (d) repeater amplifiers
         5.  Switching system
                (a) Are limited to small data networks      (b) Improve the efficiency of data transfer
                 (c) Are not used in data system                 (d) require additional lines
          6.  One of the following types of noise becomes a great importance at high frequencies. Is
                   (a) Shot noise                                            (b) impulse noise
                    (c) Transit-time noise                               (d) random noise
         7.  When microwave follows curvature of the earth? This is known as
                   (a)  Ducting                                                (b) fading
                   (c) Ionosphere reflection                            (d) troposphere scatters
         8. In an E plane Tee, the output of two rams are
                  (a) In the same phase                                 (b) 90 degrees out of phase
                  (c) 180 degree out of phase                       (d) none of these


  1. (a)  2. (d)  3. (d) 4. (d) 5. (b) 6. (c) 7. (a) 8.(c)


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